Solterra was born out of a need and wish to address South Africa’s energy crisis. We understand that in order to bring about the changes required in the South African energy landscape we needed a commercial vehicle. South Africa faces a massive shortage when it comes to experienced, competent and technically sound energy consultants. Solterra aim to fill this void. We are the fastest growing renewable energy consultancy in Southern Africa, offering consistent, trustworthy solutions nationally.

Solterra is made up of a national network of owner managed franchises guided and managed by a central head office. We have put together an exceptional team of experienced experts to lead and guide our network – taking care of everything from network expansion, supply chain, engineering, projects, energy efficiency and gain share models right through to installation.

We believe Solterra is different as we do not exist to sell product. We exist because we are a group of individuals who believe in making a significant difference. That means we believe in comprehensive client engagement in order to understand your solar power requirements, offering personalised and specific recommendations and solutions. We do not compromise on quality, and will only offer best in class product, matched with industry leading design and implementation.