The SMART way of doing things!

Our EasyGo SMART LED Solutions are out to impress, they offer you full control over your lighting experience, you can dim your lights from 100% to as little as 10%, you can schedule on/off times, and even set your desired light intensity - this all at the tip of your finger through the use of the remote control.

Saving energy is saving money, move from conventional lighting and realise your Return On Investment, move from traditional LED's and save even more than before through our EasyGo SMART solutions.


Through our design tools we will provide you with a comprehensive ROI report, showing you your energy savings, capital outlay and break-even point (in months), we even provide a Environmental Sustainability Contribution report which will help in your decision making - EasyGo, the SMART way to go!


Lighting as you Desire

EasyGo SMART LED Lighting Solutions are quick to install, no additional wiring, it's all simply plug 'n play.